Diskuze o jednotlivých týmech nejkvalitnější hokejové ligy na světě.

Anger píše:Evander Kane tak toho bych opravdu nechtel, pusobi na me jako totalni vocas o rozjebavac a je mi jedno jak je hokejove dobrej.
Vždyť v Buffalu si jej všichni chválí, naprosto pohodový kluk do kabiny, dokonce sám měl říct, že by rád zůstal v Buffalu i přesto, že furt prohrávají a jsou tank mode team opět. Upgrade by to byl a já bych se mu teda nebránil.
Rono píše:Vždyť v Buffalu si jej všichni chválí, naprosto pohodový kluk do kabiny, dokonce sám měl říct, že by rád zůstal v Buffalu i přesto, že furt prohrávají a jsou tank mode team opět. Upgrade by to byl a já bych se mu teda nebránil.
Byt ja u tlacitka tak ho proste nechci. Nelibi se mi jeho styl a velka huba.Je to ale muj nazor.
Johnny Oduya Oduya’s defensive and offensive zone starts have been a near split, with 81 defensive and 79 offensive.

Another surprising result here, as Oduya fails the eye-test handily. But in this metric, he’s very slightly worse than the average for defensive zone starts, and a bit better than average off of offensive zone starts. Playing almost half of your ice time with Karlsson probably helps here, but even with that it’s not the disaster I was expecting.
Colorado nám sebralo Alta, museli jsme reagovat. Oduya nic nestojí. Solid move. :thumbsup:
Here are some hilarious stats.
Since 20th of Feb there have been 12 @NHL Dmen w/100+ 5v5 TOI this yr who changed teams.

@NHLFlyers Oduya is:
2/12 in CF Rel (+1.6)
4/12 in CF% (48.9%)
2/12 in ExGF Rel (+2.8 )
6/12 in EXGF% (47.5%)
Pretty much sums up D crop at deadline. #Flyers

Dmen are: Jerebek, Oduya, Davidson, Holden, McDonagh, Cole, Chorney, Morrow, Bigras, O'Gara, Alt and Reilly. #NHL
This @NHL season:

MacDonald: 45.9% CF, -4.2 CF Rel, 48.6% ExGF, -2.6 ExGF Rel
Hagg: 46.1% CF, -5.2 CF Rel, 48.9% ExGF, -2.7 ExGF Rel
Manning: 50% CF, +0.5 CF Rel, 48.7% ExGF, -3.4 ExGF Rel
Oduya: 48.9% CF, +1.6 CF Rel,47.5 ExGF, +2.8 ExGF Rel

Pretty hard to seperate. #Flyers
A jinak něco super k počtení. Rozhovor s Provym, oh, wait, PROVOCOPem:
Ivan Provorov’s interview to Ilana Mamayeva from

“Never tried alcohol. My body needs water and electrolytes”

“I train 10 hours a day in the summer”

Q: You have been having more ice time this season than the last one. You, probably, will set your personal scoring record. How is this season different for you?
A: I am feeling more comfortable both in the locker room and on the ice. It’s easier to play one’s own game having played a season. I used to play too cautious, too safe. This season I am trying to help my team not only on defense, but on offense as well. As for the personal records, this is my only second NHL season, of course, my numbers have to improve.
Q: Was it hard to get used to the serious opponents?
A: It had taken me about 10-15 games to get used to this level, after that I felt comfortable. I would not say I was afraid or nervous last season, I just played cautiously and would not join an attack.
Q: Your average ice time is more than 24 minutes, with the tough NHL schedule, recuperation is very important. Do you have a special recipe for your on ice endurance?
A: In our team we have everything we need to recuperate well and to be optimally prepared for the next game. I get massages often, go to steam room, take cold and hot bath and so forth to keep my muscles in tonus.
Q: Nolan Patrick said that you were practicing 10 hours daily in the summer.
A: Yes, it is so. How do I manage that? I take 3-4 weeks vacation before I return to the serious training. I start my training in July. My training regimen is hard -I need to have top endurance for a long season.
Q: So, you do not practice at all during your vacation?
A: Just a little bit. May run on a beach at 6:00 a.m, or swim, or play team sports with my siblings. I do not go to the weight room- my body needs rest.
After your game with Saint Louis a few fans called you a “Terminator”, a “Tank”, “Jesus" and even promised to name their children after you.
A: It’s always flattering when fans like your game. It’s truly awesome.
Q: What’s the most unusual compliment from the fans?
A: Honestly, I don’t remember. Perhaps, because I do not spend my time on social media. I have an Instagram account, but I rarely get there. Frankly, I do not want to spend my free time on that. It’s not interesting.
Q: But does comparison with Gonchar and Zubov flatter you?
A: I’ve heard about that. But both Gonchar and Zubov were elite players. It’s too soon to compare, as I am just making my first steps in the professional hockey.
Q: I asked Sergachev this question and will ask you as well. You are being constantly compared to each other, does that competition incite you?
A: We are good friends with Michael. He had trained and lived with me. I am always happy when he scores and plays well. We do not consider each other competition.

“I have never try alcohol, and I am not going to”

Q: There is no competition in TOI for you in Philadelphia. How do your team mates react to that?
A: Sometimes they joke about it. Ask me if I am tired if I played less than 20 minutes. But mostly we have different topics to talk about - team play, for instance.
Q: A goalie can lose almost 10 pounds per game. How much do you lose with your ice time of 25 minutes?
A: A lot. I sweat profusely. Sometimes I lose 8-10 pound per game.
Q: How did you get back to normal?
A: I drink a lot fluid after the game to replenish my electrolytes. My body needs a lot of water and electrolytes.
Q: Philadelphia lost 10 games in a row. Did the players realize why that had happened?
A: We talked a lot about that, worked on our errors. We realized that we may have outplayed our opponents in some games, but either we gave away the games, or we just were out of luck.
Q: Voracek said that after 10 losses all of you gathered in a bar and got drunk. And then you started winning.
A: That was the case. I would not say that all of us got drunk; it was just a team dinner. Those who wanted had a few drinks. That’s all.
Q: What’s your attitude toward alcohol?
A: Negative. I have never had a drink, and I am not going to. I consider sport and alcohol to be incompatible, especially during a season. But, to each it’s own.
Q: It’s said that a glass of red wine is good for one’s health
A: I have never tried alcohol and I am not planning to. I do not need it.
Q: Even a glass of Champaign for New Year?
A: No.
Q: Bryzgalov stated that there were players in Philadelphia who would not sit next to him at dinners. Are there any current players that you would not sit next to?
A: It’s not the case. I can’t talk for Bryzgalov, but, perhaps, he was joking? Our team is very tight; we have great relationships with each other. Pranks, of course, happen- one’s socks or laces may get hidden, but it’s all in a good nature.
Q: Who is the biggest prankster?
A: Captain Giroux, sometimes Raffle. But mostly Claude.

“I will fight if needed”

Q: Is your team ready to get into playoff and win a first round (it has not happened in 5 seasons?)
A: I believe we are ready. When we get to playoffs we will play to fo as far as we can. We will see.
Q: You said recently that your plan is to become a 60 points scorer. What do you have to do to get there?
A: I need to continue working in training and during games. Everything will come with time. Doughty and Karlsson have not become 70 point scorers in one season. I think I will be able to reach this target in a couple of years.
Q: 60 games/ 12 penalty minutes. How do you manage to stay out of the box?
A: I always think on the ice, I always strive to be in a good position and to work with my legs rather than with my stick.
Q: Do you like to fight? You participated in brawl in Calgary last season.
A: I would not call that a fight. Just a bit of pushing and shoving. I have nothing against fights, and will fight if needed. But, again, I am trying to spend more time on the ice and to help my team in hockey sense.
Q: Have you been provoked a lot by agitators?
A: Each team has it’s own agitators. I do not pay any attention to them. Once they realize you do not respond they will let you be.
Q: You are very calm and cool on the ice. What about life?
A: The same- calm and balanced. I don’t even remember when I was agitated last time. Perhaps, something extraordinary has to happen for me to lose my cool.

“Nobody went to a casino when we were in Vegas”

Q: This is your second NHL season. Could you name a line that you have had the hardest time playing against?
A: It’s hard to single out one line. I am playing against top lines of each team- all of them are dangerous.
Q: Nikita Kucherov said that he video analyzes his every shift after the game. Do you?
A: Of course. Either in a training facility or at home, but I always analyze my mistakes.
Q: your defense partner Shayne Gostisbehere said: “Provi has all the skills you would want to see..” What can you say about him? Are you comfortable playing with him?
A: We understand each other form a ½ word. Shayne is very dynamic and active player, who likes and is capable of playing ofence and create chances. We hit it of from the very beginning.
Q: If you were offered to invite any Russian player to Philadelphia who would it be?
A: thare are a lot of good players to choose from. Ovechkin has been scoring 50 goals almost every season, Kucherov would be good, Malkin is playing on such a high level.
Q: Would you invite Sergachev?
A: Of course! It would be awesome to be able to play on the same team as him.
Q: Nikita Kucherov scored a no shot goal during the All Star game. Have you tried something like that?
A: I saw the goal. Nikita is a great master. He can score in many ways. I tried in training, even scored some. Every player tries something unusual in training.
Q: How many tries would you need to succeed in shot less goal?
A: I have not tried during a game. Nikita and I play different positions, I have fewer chances to be on a brakeaway. If I ever have a chance I will try this or maybe something totally different.
Q: Vegas team is a surprise of the season? How did they achieve that?
A: We played them recently. They are very fast and active team. They shoot a lot. Additionally, they play with a lot of will and energy, hence, their success.
Q: Have you played in a casino in Vegas?
A: we did not have any time for that, nobody went to a casino when we were ther. Frankly, every player can make their own choice- what’s more important to them: getting ready for a game or play in a casino.
Q: Do you Gamble?
A: I have never played and I am not going to. Waste of time and money.

“I do not waste my money”

Q: Do you follow KHL, Lokomotiv?
A: Of course, I do. I may not have time to watch every game, but I follow the standings and keep in touch with a few guys.
Q: How is your younger brother doing? Is there ever a chance to see two Provorovs in the NHL?
A: Everything is fine with Vova, he loves hockey, and he is working hard. I hope to have a chance to play with him or against him.
Q: Who gave you the best advice in your professional career?
A: My dad- he said that there were no limits for perfection; one can improve at any age. And it’s not just about hockey. I believe these are most important words for me. I follow this advice every single day, I try to get better and better. I talk to my father before and after every game, discuss my errors together. He is my complete and honest fan.
Q: You said that you prefer reading and movies to social media. What was you last book, movie?
A: My last book was Bob Orr’s biography. Movie? I would recommend “Men of Honor”. It’s a bit older, but I like it a lot.
Q: Sergachev said that he had plenty of free time in “non game” days. How about you?
A: I try to spend more time at the rink, even if there is no game that day. Additionally, I am actively recuperating during these days- I have to take care of my body. When I do have free time I watch movies, have dinners with my team mates, attend basketball and football games. We do not do anything extraordinary.
Q: Gostisbeher said that he almost instantly fell in love with Philadelphia. Do you like the city?
A: It’s comfortable. A lot of interesting places, good restaurants. There are many places of interest- Art museum, Rodin museum etc.
Q: Philadelphia is well known around the world with its cream cheese. Is it really that good?
A: Not my favotite, but my parents enjoy it.
Q: How do you spend your money?
A: I am not spending it senselessly. I buy the things I need, I take my parents on vacations, go to the movies. I do not waste my money, I do not see any sense in dropping big sums of money in a casino.
Q: What was your last expensive purchase?
A: I bought a car last year. It’s a necessity here. Perhaps, that was my biggest recent purchase.
Mrázič první nula za Letce :klobuk: :wave:
Musim uznat ze podle rozhovoru to ma Provorov neskutecne srovnany.

Extremne pracovity,cilevedomy a inteligentni.Nazory na alkohol nebo hrani v casinu jsou mozna az moc racionalni :) Ale to mi dava duveru ze tenhle chlapik je budoucnost našeho tymu.
Lindblom už prostě nemůže jít dolů ... ikdyž se vrátí Simmer.
Škoda že dneska zapas nevyšel , ale nemůžeme vyhrávat všechno.

Neviděl někdo ? Kdyby byl lehkej report.
Anger píše:Škoda že dneska zapas nevyšel , ale nemůžeme vyhrávat všechno.

Neviděl někdo ? Kdyby byl lehkej report.
Já viděl zhruba druhou půlku zhruba od 3. gólu.
Tam jsme byli celkem slušný, ale pořád nám to odskakovalo od hokejek, jako by stál za ho*no led, ale protože máme nejlepší led v NHL, tak nevim.
Podle zpráv stál za ho*no hlavně začátek z naší strany.
Nicméně souhra Lindbloma s Patrickem mě teda naplňuje nadšením. I v AHL to Lindblomovi nejdřív nešlo, ale až začne proměnňovat nějaký šance, tak jako tam, tak to bude bomba. On má úžasný hokejový myšlení, něco jako Ghost. Dokáže jen tak mimochodem poslat hráče do šance milimetrovejma pasama. Někdo se ale ptal, jestli neni top ve statistice neproměněnejch high danger šancí.
No a První lajna je prostě první lajna, Couts bude s Kopitarem určitě bojovat o Selkeho.
Voras se trochu vytrácí, moc mu to nešlo.
Bylo prostě vidět, že Canes měli dlouhou šňůru L a tak prostě jeli na 100% což se o nás říct nedalo.
Mrázek imho mohl zachytat o fous líp, ten 4. byl killer, ale házet se to na něj nedá, neviděl jsem jedinou stížnost na něj.
Ono už stačilo, že zahajovací pětka byl
Weise Filppula Lehtera
Manning Gudes

Musim teda pochválit Hakstola, že ke konci při pp za stavu 1:3 vzal time aby mohl poslat na led zase první pětku.
Jenže to jsou takový věci, který snad dávaj smysl každýmu gramotnýmu fandovi.

an aspect of the roster coach Dave Hakstol praises often: a “veteran presence.”

“It means so many different things from recognizing details that happen during the play and on the ice to having the ability to read and react to that play,” Hakstol explained. “As much as you want to prepare for a game and you want to have structure to your game, there’s a pure element of playing with basic structure and reading and reacting fast. The more experience you have, along with hockey sense, it puts you in a stronger position to make those correct reads and make the play.”

One of the players Hakstol lauds for this is Brandon Manning, who had a rough go of it in Thursday night’s 4-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. He led the team in ice time and was beaten on both of Justin Williams’ goals, first not boxing the ex-Flyer out for position in front of the net and on the second tally he coughed up the puck in a scrum along the boards leading to the goal.

The loss was by no means squarely on the shoulders of Manning, but it wasn’t a great endorsement of the traits Hakstol has praised in Manning, Radko Gudas, Jori Lehtera and others.

Hakstol has pushed mostly the right buttons this season, but the roles of certain veterans haven’t always worked as he’s intended. Thursday was a good case of that and Friday the coach insinuated it might not always be that way.

“Young guys are still very effective,” Hakstol said. “We’ve got young guys on our roster that are playing and are going to continue playing key roles and as we go through the year, most likely even larger roles as we want to continue growing as a team. But don’t ever discount the importance of a veteran presence whether it’s in the dressing room after a positive or a tough situation or on the ice in the heat of the action.”
A tohle má být nominováno na Jacka Adamse? :rofl:
Yesterday @NHLFlyers Claude Giroux got his 400th assist since the start of the 2010-11 season. He is the first @NHL player to reach the mark over that time-span. #Flyerss
2 sezóny z toho neodehrál ani zdravej. Slušný. :klobuk:
Rono » ned bře 04, 2018 2:46 pm píše:
Yesterday @NHLFlyers Claude Giroux got his 400th assist since the start of the 2010-11 season. He is the first @NHL player to reach the mark over that time-span. #Flyerss
2 sezóny z toho neodehrál ani zdravej. Slušný. :klobuk:
Giroux ted jede brutalne a kdyz si vemu ze jsem ho pomalu trejdoval.Sakra to by byla chyba.Na druhou stranu jsem netusil ze ma zraneni.
Když jsem při zápase s Tampou psal o sérii sedmi porážek, tak jsem si měl asi vsadit. :-(
Mrázek má novou masku
When Shayne Gostisbehere shot to prominence by willing his Union College Dutchmen to the Division I national title in 2014, many Flyers fans hoped that the Florida native would go on to make even a fraction of that impact at the NHL level. Four years later, their hopes have been more than fulfilled.

For the man known as “Ghost” it has not all been smooth sailing since he turned pro in April 2014. A torn ACL nine games into his pro career – only a few weeks after his NHL debut – meant his 2014-15 season was a complete write-off. Even after his phenomenal rookie year in 2015-16 — in which Gostisbehere finished runner-up for the Calder Trophy and was a major contributor as the Flyers scraped their way into the playoffs, after only being called up to the big-club due to injuries — there were still bumps in the road ahead.

In the 2016 offseason he had abdominal surgery, and did not look quite as explosive early in the next season as he would toward its close. Furthermore, on the same November day that he was named Philadelphia Athlete of the Year, he found himself a healthy scratch as his sophomore NHL season got under way. It would not be the only time he drew the ire of coach Dave Hakstol over the course of 2016-17, being scratched for a run of games in February as well. Gostisbehere acknowledged that his confidence suffered over the season, and that he only regained it when he, “decided go out and have fun, make plays” and “not care if he was yelled at.” Despite a tumultuous year, the young blueliner still managed a 42-point pace, 53% Corsi and a decent 49.5% Expected Goals For percentage. It would be fair to say that while Gostisbehere’s confidence had dropped and he was not quite playing at the same level as in his rookie year, a lot of Ghost's “issues” could be attributed to atrocious luck.

Look no further than Gostisbehere’s PDO (his on-ice shot percentage + on-ice save percentage) of 96.3, the seventh-lowest of the 197 defensemen who played more than 500 minutes at 5v5 in 2016-17. Considering that his Expected PDO was 99.3, bad bounces certainly had a major negative effect on his season. His 4.84% on-ice shot percentage was a major driver of this, with only 2 defensemen having a lower number that season. The fact that Gostisbehere still managed to pace above 40 points while having such poor luck is a testament in itself to his offensive prowess.

This season, however, there have been no bumps in the road. From the get-go Gostisbehere, now 24, has been a force not only in the opposition’s end, but also in his own zone. The base stats signal just how good he’s been, with his 0.77 PPG sixth among all NHL defensemen, and his +10 rating in the top 35 in the league. Start to delve deeper into his season though, and the numbers are truly remarkable. Everyone knows that the Flyers’ blueliner is one of the more dynamic offensive defensemen in the league, but this season Gostisbehere has legitimately became a high-end defensive force to boot. When you compare his numbers to his previous two seasons what stands out are the defensive stats.


(CA/60 [Corsi Against Per 60 Minutes], xGA/60 [Expected Goals Against Per 60 Minutes] and GA/60 [Goals Against Per 60 Minutes] are all measurements of defensive results. For individual players, they measure how many shot- and goal-based events by the other team occurred with that player on the ice, so in all cases, the lower the number, the better.

Relative versions of CA/60, xGA/60 and GA/60 measure whether a team suppressed shot attempts, Expected Goals and Goals better with a player on the ice versus when he sat on the bench. For Relative suppression statistics, negative numbers signify superior defensive results, since they show that the team allowed fewer shots/chances/goals with a player on the ice.)

As you can see, he is currently setting personal bests in every category. His defensive statistics have been stellar, not just in relation to his teammates, but also when compared to the 197 defensemen who have played over 500 minutes at 5v5 this season. Gostisbehere has allowed the seventh-fewest Goals Against/60 (1.57). He’s certainly benefited from a fair amount of luck given that his Expected GA/60 rate is 2.07, but even still, that number currently ranks him 27th best among all NHL defensemen.

This is despite the fact that the electrifying blueliner is playing the toughest minutes of his young career.


(ZSR stands for “Zone Start Rate,” which is a ratio of offensive zone shift starts to total non-neutral zone shift starts. For example, if a player received six shifts at 5-on-5 in a game that began in the offensive zone and four beginning in the defensive zone, his ZSR would be 60%. TOI QoC is a Quality of Competition measurement for individual players, which judges competition by the average 5-on-5 ice time said competition has received in that year. The higher the TOI QoC, the more “big-minutes” competition a player has faced.)

While in previous seasons a fair argument could certainly be made that Gostisbehere was “sheltered,” seeing heavy offensive zone starts and middling quality of competition, this season Ghost has had more defensive starts while also facing top-six forwards most shifts.

So how has Gostisbehere achieved all this? First, it should be said that the two-way game was always inside him. In college, he was named the ECAC’s best “defensive” defenseman in 2013-14, and he’s always had good positioning and an active stick. This season, however, Gostisbehere seems to be reveling far more in the physical aspect of his role as an NHL defenseman, especially at his own blueline, and as a result he’s simply been excellent at denying zone entries. His growing experience at the highest level of hockey is certainly at least partially responsible for his improvement on the defensive side as well. He now has more than 200 NHL games under his belt, and has seen most moves opposing forwards are likely to try.

What cannot be underestimated, however, is the impact of Gostisbehere being paired with Ivan Provorov. The two young players are clearly the best two blueliners on the Flyers, and they’ve have been nothing short of phenomenal since they started seeing regular ice-time together. Gostisbehere and Provorov have a legitimate claim for being the best pairing in the NHL over the last few months. Given that before they were joined together, each objectively had third-pair-level partners for virtually all their careers — Gostisbehere mainly played with Andrew MacDonald, Brandon Manning, Nick Schultz and Robert Hägg, while Provorov mainly played with MacDonald, a nearly retired Mark Streit and Hägg — it is no surprise both have seen a jump in their play since uniting.

There have been 65 blueline pairings in the NHL this season that have played 400-plus minutes together at 5v5. The underlying statistics that the Flyers’ go-to pairing have compiled are truly impressive.


What makes these numbers even more impressive is that Gostisbehere and Provorov have managed to do this while facing the opposition’s best players on a nightly basis. As a pair, they’ve shown they can not only be dangerous in the offensive zone themselves, but also can shut down high caliber offensive players they constantly match up against.

A major part of the pair’s success, and Gostisbehere’s success over this season, is Ghost’s truly remarkable blueline ability. Not only does he use his high-level skating and stick-handling skills to slice into the offensive zone with regularity, but he is also excellent at helping the Flyers exit their own zone, and he’s also fantastic at denying the opposition the blueline.

This can be quantified through tracking data provided by Corey Sznajder, and visualized by CJ Turtoro. Gostisbehere is elite in all three of these aspects of the game.


With Gostisbehere on the ice, opposing teams struggle to get into the Flyers’ zone to begin with, then struggle to keep the Flyers’ dynamic blueliner in his own zone when he gets the puck, then cannot effectively deny him their zone once he heads up ice. It is a truly rare, terrifying mix of skills that drive his success in all zones, highlighted by the fact that only Gostisbehere – among all NHL defensemen this season – ranks in the top ten in the league in all three categories. He truly is the king of the bluelines.

Given what he has accomplished this season, Gostisbehere should – on paper – be a legitimate Norris Trophy contender. However, it is unlikely the Flyers’ blueliner has a hope to finish in the top five in voting, despite having a season that so far suggests he deserves such recognition. In fact, it wouldn’t be a major surprise to see his blueline partner Provorov accumulate more votes.

The main reason for this discrepancy is arguably Gostisbehere’s reputation as a fancy, offensive blueliner who is not a force in his own half of the ice, despite there being little merit to this detraction. However, there is also the consideration that Ghost “only” plays 21:33 a night, while many of the favorites for the award play up around the 25-minute mark, and that due to his truly game-breaking offensive ability he is deployed in the opposition zone more often than the perennial Norris contenders.

As you’ll see below, his underlying statistical profile does not look out of place when viewed side by side with this year’s Norris hopefuls and previous winners.


If John Klingberg gets major Norris consideration then Gostisbehere should as well. Regardless of how the voting goes at the end of the season though, Flyers fans should be more than happy with the development of Gostisbehere, and the fact that he is now one of the most impactful defensemen in the world. He has truly grown into an extremely well-rounded blueliner, and his pairing with Provorov is undoubtedly one that could carry the franchise to great success over the next ten years.
Ale Haktard ho benchuje ke konci zápasu, když brání výsledek. Takže Ghost asi tak není dobrej. :hroza: :sarcasm:
Rono » úte bře 13, 2018 6:36 pm píše:Ale Haktard ho benchuje ke konci zápasu, když brání výsledek. Takže Ghost asi tak není dobrej. :hroza: :sarcasm:
Tohle ja naprosto nepochopim.Obcas mam pocit ze Hakstol je napul vracene v case v ere do 2004 , kdy nhl byla silova.

Prece mit takhle dobrého technika a bruslare je obrovska vyhoda, navíc je velmi slusny i dozadu a to přes to ze se nesnazi odtlačit sto kilove power forwardy ale proste jim ten puk sebere.
Heh, ten u nás nezůstane. :D
vy tam s tymi G mate stale veselo :lol2: to chcel tymto tahom vas mag zavelit k nejakemu obratu?? noo nechybalo vela :-O :lol2: ale zas povedzme si, Mrazek nie je ziadne terno (v jeho ? povahu potaz)
Mrázek je talent od boha, ale očividně je to labil (la bych možná nahradil de). Když neberu v potaz jeho mentální stránku, tak mě neuvěřitelně vytáčí jeho kontrola puku, tolik zbytečných reboundu, stojí ohromné množství síly pro hráče v poli a tím vzniká často zbytečný chaos a následovně další šance a góly a pak není ten drive do útoku.. My potřebujeme gólmana co nam da klid, nebude vyrážet před sebe lehké puky a bude výkonnostně stálý. Osobně mě mrzí, ze nešli do Pickarda, ale jak tu psal Rono, Mrázek byl low risk.. Příští rok půjde do KHL:)
5 W vychytal, takže úkol závěru sezóny splnil na 100%. :giggle:
Count down for Hart! :pray: :hfman:
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